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Cyclopark Trust


Further community involvement

With the completion of the green corridor in the peri- urban area, the area now requires further community involvement to consolidate local ‘ownership’ in the establishment of the green corridor.  Through the creation of the Cyclopark own Cyclofriends Group, a local community group will be active within the peri urban area, broadening and improving understanding on the need to balance the area for both recreation and nature.
Specific Actions
- Promotion and marketing to recruit and establish Cyclofriends Group
- Produce information packs
- Purchase uniforms
- Train new skills programme for above group
- Purchase tools, equipment

Access improvements

The Cyclopark Trust will also  further access improvements are required to ensure community access within and across the peri urban area. This will involve promotional/information access improvements to link the newly created green corridor under Activity one to the existing communities within the peri-urban areas.
Specific Actions
- Additional promotional literature  to increase awareness and understanding of the newly formed landscape and increased access
- Information, interpretation panels  and signage boards/posts

Contribution to quality of life

The Cyclopark Trust will also gather information to establish how the newly created landscape and improved access has contributed to the overall quality of life for people and the economy.
Specific Actions
- Extend survey period by 8 months
- Complete additional questionnaires