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Provincie Zuid-Holland


The Provincie Zuid-Holland will be working on:


  • the creation of a nature conservation area that will also be open for recreation behind the dikes on the Wolvenpolder near Spijkenisse
  • the creation of new wildlife habitats with nature-based recreational facilities on the west bank of the Spui river in Bernisse municipality
  • the establishment of an interactive exhibition on wildlife habitats and recreation in the Zuid-Holland Delta region. The exhibition will be based in the visitors’ centre on the island wildlife sanctuary of Tiengemeten
  • a socio-economic survey in these areas to identify the effects of habitat development.


The Wolvenpolder near Spijkenisse lies on the border between town and country, between the Maaswijk district and the Spui river. The polder is to be transformed into a 41-hectare nature conservation area which will eventually link up with the wildlife habitat outside the dikes along the Oude Maas and Spui rivers. The area will be easily accessible to visitors, and a number of recreational facilities will be created. At the same time, the area will be planned in such a way that plants and animals are not disturbed.

Spui west bank  

Beninger Slikken mudflats on the west bank of the Spui river in Bernisse municipality are to be extended. In the ‘Deltanatuur’ project the Beningerwaard polder and the Beningerwaard salt marshes will be transformed into a nature conservation area, creating a large, robust sanctuary for wildlife extending over 135 hectares, with walking trails and a birdwatchers’ hide.
The area will have a typical intertidal landscape, with mudflats on the lower-lying parts criss-crossed by streams and gullies. This will provide foraging ground for several species of birds. Scrub vegetation will develop on the higher-lying parts of the salt marshes, and it will be kept under control by grazing.


Interactive exhibition 

Agriculture, business, recreation, wildlife and flood protection: the interactive exhibition which will open shortly on Tiengemeten island sanctuary will show how the delta of the major rivers ‘works’. It will show how people have been living with and battling against the water in the delta region for centuries.
The exhibition will not just look to the past, however. It will also highlight the interventions planned for the future, and explore the opportunities they offer in terms of business, nature conservation and recreation. The exhibition is due to open at Margueritahoeve on Tiengemeten island in spring 2012.


Socio-economic survey 

Nature conservation and access to nature are important objectives of BALANCE. They provide an attractive environment in which to live and relax close to urban areas. But what exactly will the benefits be, and who will feel them most? Deltanatuur is to conduct a socioeconomic survey among visitors to the nature conservation and recreation areas. The survey will focus among other things on visitor numbers and profiles, and their reasons for visiting the area. It will also explore the economic effects of the nature conservation areas in the region, and what other initiatives they have prompted.